Balikbayan: Day #1

Well, it’s 2:10am local time (4:10am Brisbane time) and I’m absolutely wrecked. After a long night of packing because past-me procrastinated too much (yes, I know, bad Courtney); early morning starts, a 10 hour flight (with special guest appearance by Darwin); and a 6 (and counting!) hour chill sesh at Ninoy Aquino International Airport, I’m finally waiting at the gate to board to Bacolod.

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Outfit Inspo for Autumn-Winter

Only one week left until Winter sets in here in Brisbane, and I’ve definitely been noticing the difference in temperature. Despite the chilly mornings, it still seems to warm up a little later in the day, so I thought I’d put together a few style sets based on my favourite autumn/winter looks and things I’ve been wearing a lot lately.

My style can bounce from feminine to casual and even grunge/punk-rock, so I like to make sure my wardrobe pieces are versatile and can easily go from one look to the next.Read More »

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Sincerely Weekly #1

Okay, time for a weekly recap! This past week has been absolutely mental, and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t have its ups and downs.

As most of us know, Sunday was Mothers’ Day, so I went to New Shanghai with my mum to celebrate.

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Top 5: Reverse Bucket List??

I think I can speak for most uni students and people in their early twenties when I say that I sometimes worry about being successful.

Fear of failure, or at least, not being successful is so rampant on university campuses, especially as students are being constantly graded and critiqued throughout their academic career. It’s for this reason that I thinkRead More »